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Our company is getting noticed for it's circle pattern. We try to blend in two different patterns so the patio doesn't seem to plain, meaning just having one solid pattern throughout the whole patio. We have been having a lot of success with this and if you get the chance to see a patio with the two designs in it, you'll see why. While your glancing through the photo's take notice of the pattern differences.

The products we use for your patio come from different companies around the United States. The reason being, some companies might have a better product than another. Through trial and error we put together the best products we feel from each company, and use them to get the best results for your patio or walkway. We don't skimp on quality or try to save a couple dollars on products that don't work. We feel we give you the best products available.

Remember all patio's and walkway's can be custom made to your specifications.