Care & Maintenance

Your sealer can last from one year to a couple years. High traffic, sun exposure, and the elements are all catalyst in the deterioration of the sealer. In any case, if you see the patio needs resealing or your not sure if you need a reseal just call us, we will come out, inspect it, and let you know. The care of this product is minimal.

After we are finished, your landscaping is done, table, chairs, and the barbecue are up and ready for summer picnics, little mishaps will occur as they always do. If you do spill something on the patio follow these tips.

Summer Tips

Winter Tips


That is a tough one, we ask that you be patient with us I do not sub any of my work out I am on every job to make sure thing are done properly and to your satisfaction. We do occasionally fall behind because of the weather and other circumstances that may arise on a certain job, usually meaning a customer wants more work done. Therefore, we ask that you bear with us. I like to deal with people the old fashion way with respect, honesty, and a hard day's work. We hope to earn your respect.

Sealing your patio

One of the most common concerns from customers is between the time the concrete is set and the finished product, please do not get nervous you are looking at an unfinished product. It is like looking at a car with bodywork and primer on it getting ready to be painted. There is a lot of detailing to be done before you see the finished product so please do not panic or get worried.

Concrete is a very durable material however, it is not indestructible. Certain precautions should be considered prior to the final coat being applied.

Lawn & Landscaping

Landscaping is not part of our responsibility. There will be an area on the side of your patio or walkway that will be in need of landscaping. If you decide that you would like to use us for landscaping, please know that there will be an additional charge.

Many people take pride in there lawns as I do but I would be lying to you if I said nothing would happen to it. Heavy equipment will be used in the area that is being excavated, we try our best to keep things as neat as possible, but in any type of construction, there is going to be a degree of mess, so please expect it.


We have set pricing for our work so if you and your neighbor get the same patios put in you are going to get the same price. Our work is priced to make sure you get a quality job and nothing less. Every job we do we give our customers a little more than they ask for so there is never a discrepancy in the price. If you request a larger area to be done, it will be based on that set price not anything outrages.


Please ask for our last customer's phone number and speak with them about any questions or concerns you may have. For customers who do not know me, I am a nice person but ask for references anyway, ask for the number of the previous job, even the last two, or three jobs. Do not be afraid to ask. If this is something that will reassure you of our work and our work ethic, I think it will benefit both you and me.

These are all common areas of concern and are relevant in most cases so please be aware of them. I hope that for my sake I am not scaring you out of having the work done but these are practical methods used to achieve the look you want.